PIXMA MG8220 Driver For Mac OS X Users

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PIXMA MG8220 Driver For Mac
PIXMA MG8220 Driver For Mac

PIXMA MG8220 – Print maximum results is mandatory from any Mac laptop, the color quality of the photo editing display is the same as the printouts, the use of a Canon PIXMA MG8220 printer must be supported by a software driver, below is the Canon PIXMA MG8220 Driver for Mac OS X Users specifically using Macs with any Mac OS X system.

If you still get confused about the best printer for photo printing, you can choose Canon PIXMA MG8220. This wireless printer helps you to produce the best photo printing quality. The result looks the same as the real object. This printer is suitable for Mac users. The steps below explain the way to set up the Canon PIXMA MG8220 driver for Mac so you can use the printer in Mac, especially Mac OS X right away.

Downloading the Driver Software

  • Drivers
Download MG8220 series CUPS Printer DriverVer.16.20
Download MG8220 Scanner Driver Ver.18.0.2c
Download Optional ICA Driver Ver. 4.0.0a
  • Optional Software
Download MP Navigator EX Ver. 5.0.4 Recommended software
Download Quick Menu Ver.2.8.2a
Download Canon IJ Network Tool Ver.4.7.2
Download My Image Garden Ver.3.6.3
Download Easy-PhotoPrint EX Ver.4.7.2

  • Optional Manual
Download Recommended Manual Mac Users
Download Guide for Quick Menu
Download Guide for My Image Garden
Download AirPrint Google Cloud Print

If you need Canon PIXMA MG8220 Driver for Windows click here

You just have to download the driver first to the laptop or computer. When the software ready in your laptop or PC is running, you are press software in a folder. Find the Setup icon and double-click it. then Installation Software starts automatically on the laptop display. Just wait until the process is done and don’t do anything with your Mac including clicking the “Cancel” button otherwise you can’t continue the process. By the time the download is complete, continue to the installation process by clicking the “Next” button.

Network Connection Setting 

There is a screen that asks you to type the administrator’s name and password before installing the printer. Just type the name and the password so you can pass it and continue the process. Make sure that the name and password are correct and click the “OK” button. Later, you will be directed to the Canon PIXMA MG8220 driver for Mac. Click the “Next” button so you can install the printer into your Mac. 

Next steps

The next step is entering the network connection section. You can use a network connection and USB connection during the installation. Due to this explanation, choose the “Network Connection” button. Next, there is also an option whether you want to use a wireless connection or wired connection while using the printer. You can use the printer wirelessly or wired and for this article, you can choose the “Wireless Connection” button. The last thing to do in this step is to click the “Connect to the Network” when the printer setup box appears.

Canon PIXMA MG8220 Driver for Mac Install the Software 

By the time the network connection setting is finished, click the “Next” button. It leads you to see the software installation list. You may read the list first and when you are ready just click the “Next” button. There will be a new box appears that asks you to add a printer. Click the “Add Printer” because you want to set up a new printer in your Mac.

Next steps Process

The action brings you to the page that provides you with the list of the Printer series. Just choose Canon PIXMA MG8220 in case you want to install this printer and click the “Add” button. In this step, the add printer box reappears and click the “Next” button this time. Wait until the setup is complete and click the “Next” button. 

Printing Test 

The last part of the Canon PIXMA MG8220 driver setup is that you will see a test print window appears. You may test the print to make sure that the printer works. Put a piece of plain paper on the printer and click the “Execute” button. When the test is done click the “Next” button. Click the “Exit” button to finish the process and remove the Canon PIXMA MG8220 driver for Mac Now, you are ready to use the Canon PIXMA MG8220 printer in your Mac to support your jobs.

Source Drivers: USA canon

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